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Please bear in mind that you must be 18+ and you must read our Terms and Conditions before using any of our services.

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**Regarding the new Data Protection Law coming May 25th2018, IT SHOES wishes to inform the users that they now have a little more control over the personal information they share with our team. Despite the strict transparency and privacy terms in which we manage your personal information, you are now capable of freely giving or not your consent to treating your personal and private details. If you choose not to share those with us, some services may become unavailable, however. We remind you, whatever information shared is kept within our team and is solely used in order to proceed with any order or managing your account on our website. From the moment you accept these Terms, you are giving our team consent to know and use your information at any given time your orders and account details demand it.

General Conditions:

These terms and conditions establish the rules for visiting and buying on our online site. They do not apply to any other sites belonging to a third party. They are written in Spanish, English and Portuguese. (Indoubt, it is the Portuguese version that prevails.)

The user (you) hereby guarantees that the personal data provided is true and exact and agrees that to report any change or modification. Not providing certain information may mean that it will not be possible to manage your registration as a user or use certain services available through our platform.

If you provide us with the personal data of third parties, you shall be responsible for having informed them and obtained their consent for these details to be provided for purchasing products, receiving our newsletter and/or maintaining/deleting your registration. Any loss or damage caused to the platform, data controllers or to any third party through the communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information shall be the sole responsibility of the user.


We accept orders made on our online website. All articles are limited to the available stock. We reserve ourselves the rights to either make a product exchange or cash refund in case of possible temporary stock synchronization error.

If a technical error occurs while inserting products pricing, IT SHOES reserves themselves the right to NOT sell it the wrong price (be it higher or lower). However, we allow the user to either change his/her initial order or ask for a refund. You should receive a confirmation email after placing your order. Buying through our website implies the knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are to be confirmed by our customers before finishing their orders online. Not agreeing to our terms makes it impossible to finish and follow through with the whole process. Your online order will be shipped the following 24h working days counting from the confirmation of payment by IT SHOES.

We will take down your order in the following cases:

Payment delay: you are expected to proceed to payment up to 72h after placing your order online, through the available methods as seen below;

Different payment price to that of your order: if by any chance you enter a lower price for payment, we will give you an added 24h to pay the amount missing. If you happen to insert a higher price to that of your order, we will of course refund said amount.

You can cancel your order unless it has been dispatched already. Even in that case, you may send it back still but any post mail taxes to return the items are to be supported by you.

Prices and payments:

All our article prices are shown in EUROS (€) and already includeIVA/VTA. Please, pay attention to conversion rates of your own currency before completing your order for we do not cover those; neither do we cover customs costs.

The price displayed refers only to the product itself, any packaging and shipping taxes will be showcased later. 

We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Paypal, Amazon Pay, bank transfer...

Our customers should accept that some payment methods may become temporarily unavailable by technical or legal issues at random times. After completing an online order, the customer has 72h to proceed with payment. After 72h, non-paid orders will be cancelled and a new order must be made.

Shipping, deliveries and returns:

Each order will be sent to the address given by the buyer during the ordering process. Any failure to deliver your order by lack of information regarding the address to deliver is the customer's responsibility. We are not to be held accountable for any wrong given address.  Shipping costs are paid by our customers and appear at the end of the ordering process (they vary from country to country regarding package volume and weight. Please check link below to confirm what shipping you'll have to pay. Beware, we are not responsible for any additional fees that may be charged by your country's customs with/without our knowledge). They will be added to your order and properly charged in your receipt after the customer's agreement. Shipping costs to Portugal Continental begin at 4.65€ (unless there is a promotion), according to package weight and unless stated otherwise (per example, shipping costs to the Portuguese archipelagos). IT SHOES team will only begin preparing your order and follow with its shipping after confirming its payment.

Right to resolution:

Our clients have the right to resolution on their order dating up to 14days after placing their order and/or that order being received at the given address.  A refund will be given via the original payment method (or through bank transfer to an account provided by our customer if the first option proves impossible). Proceeding to the right of resolution, our customer is expected to bear the return costs without delay, up to 14 days counting from the date in which IT SHOES is notified of your decision to cancel this contract. Your return must be sent to IT SHOES at RUA FRANÇA JÚNIOR 615, 4450-137 MATOSINHOS, PORTUGAL. We will retain your refund until we receive your devolution or damaged products. (After receiving the package, we will proceed with your refund in the following 48h.). We will diminish your refund accordingly if the package/products are damaged without proof that it happened somehow in the process of sending from the store/receiving it at the address provided online but rather by an action external to shipping transportation.


All complains must be written to IT SHOES,, post mail or in person at our store in the following address - RUA FRANÇA JÚNIOR 615, 4450-137 MATOSINHOS, PORTUGAL. Your complains/requests will be taken care of carefully and trusting your good faith on explaining the situation. We agree that a friendly solution is in the best interest of both parties.

Disclaimer of Liability:

IT SHOES will not be responsible for any accident or damage involving people, animals or things which arise from misuse or abnormal use caused by lack of reasonable necessary safety precautions (attending to the products' nature) to be taken by our customers and/or users.

IT SHOES will not be responsible for any damage caused by visiting/using third parties websites which can be accessed through links available on our own.


We try to add as much useful descriptive information regarding each product and add images of the actual product. However, its images may vary according to colour, contrast, brightness, etc., of each screen and its software. Therefore, products may be slightly different to the images online.


It is completely safe to shop at We make every effort to ensure we have the resources that guarantee the security of your purchases, details and private information.

Law: The Portuguese law is chosen to regulate the previous terms & conditions as everything that is not explicit, always being the law to apply except when other norms are obliged to be applied to protect the customers' rights.

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