IT SHOES was founded by Isis Alarcón, a Spanish woman who has traveled half of the world and has built a successful company created out of a dream.
Having four children, her lifestyle is frenetic. Two days a week she is in Madrid, and the rest of the time she's in Barcelona, Porto, Miami... and countless other places around the globe.
An experiment selling luxury off-the-rack shoes on her fashion blog 'So urban, so chic' has developed into a project that grows every day based on hope, enthusiasm and hard work. As a result, IT SHOES is now launching collections every season for online sales, as well as its flagship store in Madrid, fulfilling another dream that led Isis to embark on this new venture: production of patches and textiles.
There are no limits for Isis, Additionally to selling worldwide through www.itshoes.com, thanks to an agreement with one of the coolest fashion brands in the United States and Colombia, SETA APPAREL, IT SHOES is also in stores in Miami, Medellin and Bogota.
She controls every detail from design, production, shootings, creativity, programming... and she adheres to a mission: to provide top quality products for strong and confident women who seek comfort and style, impeccable designs and a responsible craft production that mixes latest trends with classics, timeless designs with a twist.
Her passion is contagious, as she believes that the most important thing to achieve success is to believe in the project 100% and invest all the energy possible into it. She feels proud of her achievements and sees the difficulties as opportunities to grow and learn, "positive vibes" that have made the brand a favorite among many influencers. We see Sara Carbonero, Paula Echevarría, Agostina Saracco, María Pombo, Luisa Veirao, Fernanda Velez, Karen Martínez... wearing the most iconic models of the brand, as well as a large number of powerful, self-confident, brave, honest women who love fashion. Versatile women who know what they want and walk freely in pursuit of their dreams, feminine, energetic and creative women all over the world.
In order to give all those wearing IT SHOES a boost of self-confidence, Isis designs her shoes so that, in addition to being comfortable, they are as flattering as possible, providing that boost of self-worth that we sometimes need to remember.
Her involvement with fashion happened by chance. Working in the audiovisual sector, one day the opportunity arose to work as a styling assistant and she jumped in without fear to take some first steps in this new area. She soon decided to start a fashion blog and fate struck again: she discovered a warehouse with a stock of wonderful shoes that she started selling on her blog and to influencers in the era when blogs and it girls were starting to take off. That's where she got her nickname, by which many still know her and which gave IT SHOES its name: "Isis, the Shoe Dealer". The next step was to learn shoe design in London and start making her own models. It was the factories she turned to in searching of its stock wich encouraged her to undertake and create her own collections. IT SHOES was born.